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  1. skywatcher dovetail bar

    Im after 45mm wide ones Managed to make soem ones out of oak an pinched the alumuim one for the 6 inch
  2. skywatcher dovetail bar

    Hi dose anybody have or can help me order a skywatcher dovetail bar TMX 30cm x2 ? Last part needed in 6 inch f8 jaegers lens refractor semi homebuilt (Rodney Austins old lens)
  3. im interested in the planetary eyepeices if they are still avalible
  4. Andromeda

    woohoo cant wait to see it i have a 100mm acro refractor on a home made tracking mount Hope to get a glimpse of uranus tonight after tha cas meetign Ifs ever clear
  5. Andromeda

    can we see the andromeda galaxy from christchurch? anybody got any pics if so? plus dose anybody in cas live near linwood?
  6. New here

    im in linwood have 4 semibuilt and bought refractors upto 100mm All on hoime built mounts What gear have you bought?
  7. 8 inch dobsonian for sale

    what make is it? very intereseted if it has good coated mirrors
  8. 8 inch dobsonian for sale

    what make is it?
  9. Lunar Occultation

    Anybody see the lunar occultation tonight? just caught it by accident Failed to get a pic