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  1. August All Sky Charts

    Version 2017-08-11


    Sky Charts for August 2017
  2. resource: August All Sky Charts

    Dale kershaw submitted a new resource: [plain]August All Sky Charts[/plain] - [plain]Sky Charts for August 2017[/plain] Read more about this resource...
  3. Partial Lunar Eclipse

    I saw it about 5.50am some cloud but could see it and you could also tell by how dark it had got compared to normal full moon night,
  4. Dob collimation and alignment

    It is great to see the forums are working with helping folks with any issues and suggestions
  5. what weight is required, Graeme has one which he can drill the hole to fit for you
  6. G3 aurora storm incoming

    is there anything showing up yet?
  7. Collimation. Have I done it right?

    Graeme says It should all be concentric.
  8. Taumutu Milky Way

    wonderful photo, well done
  9. CAS images feature in CTV aurora story.

    good news item