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Canterbury Astronomical Society

New Zealand Almanac 2018

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Almanac 2018 is both a Solar and Lunar calendar. Each monthly grid includes the phases of the Moon, the rise and set times of the Sun and Moon, planetary phenomena, meteor activity, solstices and equinoxes, public and school holidays, religious festivals, historical astronomical events, a Maori calendar and ancient star lore pertaining to each month. The planet rise and set is back by popular demand.

The Almanac contains dozens of spectacular full colour images of celestial objects  It also includes full colour charts of the Night Sky through the seasons.

 An information page explains how to use the Almanac and charts.

The Almanac is produced for the Phoenix Astronomical Society by Richard Hall, Kay Leather, and Charlotte Hird.


You can purchase copies directly at http://www.stonehenge-aotearoa.co.nz/shop-online.html




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