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Simon Lewis

anyone looking for a 150mm Mak Newt ?

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this AP bug has me bad :(


I really loving imaging so I am going to part with the 150mm Explore Scientific MN and head entirely into imaging.


The ES comet hunter is a cracking 150mm Maksuhtov Newtonian built from carbon fibre. It has a superb 2" 10:1 crayford focuser, and the focuser comes with a range of tubes/adapters to allow it to be used for planetary use, lunar, and DSO for visual or cameras.


I have a superb ES travel case for it, it has an illuminated 9x50 cross hair reticuled finder scope, a 30mm 82 deg 2" EP and is mounted on a vixen dovetail with a nice carry handle ring set.


the scopes in great condition, we had some great views of Saturn and Jupiter from the CAS site, I've done imaging from home using the DSLR and my ASI CCD camera. It manages everything great.


The views are sharp and crisp and its an awesome looking scope too in its cool grey CF look.


this is a fantastic all rounder that can drop in the backseat of the car, be in the garden or at CAS.


I am happy to demonstrate it at CAS if anyone is interested.


As I said .. only reason its for sale is I'm hooked on AP and building an obs at home with something bigger


These are really hard to get hold of and very popular for Outreach. Over $1K NZD new without the travel case, or finder, which is about $250 US for the case and another $150 US.


I'll take $950 or thereabouts :)


email me if interested :)





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