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CAS Member Meeting - November


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School of Physical & Chemical Sciences

University of Canterbury



For little over a decade I have been working on a potential solution to the
biggest problem in cosmology: "dark energy". This involves a new approach to
the inhomogeneity of the present day Universe - the observed cosmic web in
which galaxy clusters are found in knots, filaments and sheets that thread
and surround vast empty voids. My work also revisits fundamental
questions in Einstein's general theory of relativity to explain why
expansion can appear to be uniform despite inhomogeneity. The result
is a viable alternative model of the Universe, the "timescape cosmology".
In this talk I will describe our latest results comparing the supernovae
in the timescape and Lambda Cold Dark Matter models. I will further
discuss the prospects for definitively distinguishing the two models
with the upcoming Euclid satellite and other missions in the 2020s.


Two recent popular level pieces:
* Royal Astronomical Society Press Release (13 September)
* Article in "the Conversation" (29 June)

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