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2017 Harry Williams Astrophotography Competition.

Discussion in 'Astrophotography' started by CAS Admin, Aug 2, 2017.

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    The 2017 Harry Williams Astrophotography Competition.

    Calling all Astrophotographers, the 2017 Harry Williams Astrophotography Competition is now open for entries, this year our judge is world-renowned planetary photographer Damian Peach, in 2010, Damian became the only Briton to win the prestigious Astronomy Photographer Of The Year Award for his composite photograph of Jupiter's moons, Ganymede and Io, orbiting the stormy surface of the Gas Giant.

    Damian is arguably the worlds most well known planetary photographer, his high resolution images of the planets have been compared in quality to the kind of images captured by orbiting spacecraft! So we are truly lucky to have Damian on board as our judge for this years competition.

    Astronz has generously offered to sponsor the Deep Sky category with a Astronz $300 gift voucher as well as providing an Astronz beanie for the winner of each category!

    As in previous years we are lucky to have Australian Sky & Telescope on board as sponsors of both the Solar System category and the Miscellaneous / Artistic category, the winners of these categories will receive a one year subscription to the magazine as well as the usual cash prize.

    Not only will the overall winner of the competition receive the coveted Harry Williams Astrophotography Trophy to adorn his or her mantelpiece for a year but they will also receive an OPTOLONG L-Pro light pollution filter worth $269 US dollars thanks to the very generous sponsorship of OPTOLONG Astronomical Filters

    Also the winner of the Newcomers contest will receive a signed copy of Imaging The Southern Sky by Steve Chadwick & Ian Cooper, more sponsors to be announced soon.

    The competition cutoff date is the 31st of August and the competition awards will be announced at the annual Burbidge dinner which is the Auckland Astronomical Societies premier annual event, keep an eye out on the society website for details on the forthcoming Burbidge dinner.

    The competition rules http://www.astronomy.org.nz/editor/files/2017HWAstrophotoConditionsofEntry.pdf
    Entry forms http://www.astronomy.org.nz/editor/files/2017HWAstrophotoCompetitionEntryForm.pdf
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    looks like I have to go through my archive. Cheers for the info.
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